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Entrance door - Slate series


Vodoon rock panel door is not only responsible for appearance, but also responsible for performance. The slate material has a natural and unique texture, and the elegant texture makes the entire home space full of texture. Vodoon presents the slate texture on the door leaf in a low-key way, creating a natural and harmonious beauty for the home space, integrating art into life, and bringing a different opening and closing experience. The panels of the slate series products adopt digital bionic mold technology, which makes the touch more delicate and the layers more distinct. The rock slab has high strength, and its impact resistance is twice that of ordinary rock slabs. It is as thin as a cicada’s wing, tough and tough, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, moisture-proof and moth-proof, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant, and has excellent fire-proof and high-temperature resistance. When used in the home space, it has the functions of antibacterial, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, and can be in contact with food safely. It is also safe and tasteless, no aldehyde added, no radioactivity, and no pollution release.

门型 / door type:
入户门 / entry door
隔音性能 / Sound insulation:
35 db
系列 / series:
岩板 / slate
热传导系数 / Thermal conductivity:
K ≦ 1.5w/(m2k)
密封性能 / Sealing performance:
双道密封系统 / Double sealing system
防盗性能 / Anti-theft performance:
符合国标 / Meet the national standard
David Oswald
project type:
Interior Design
6 month
November 22, 2020